Cishan Old Street (Cishan District)

Cishan Old Street, known as "Cishan Old Street", originally called the Hondori Street (the commercial area) built in Japanese colonial period. Besides the "Stone Arches Corridor", a designated historical construction that was piled up by stones and became the major feature of Cishan Old Street, most buildings were constructed with red bricks in the style of Baroque facade molding from Renaissance period. The buildings near the old street mostly retain their original style from the time they were built, such as adobe thatched cottages, where the Pingpu people and Han Chinese settled together, three-section and four-section compounds of Southern Fujian style, as well as the Cishan Train Station in the Tudor architectural style from Europe. While walking on the old street where you can see every kind of old buildings in Taiwan's history, you may feel like walking through a time tunnel in architectural history.