Cishan District Gushan Park (Cishan District)

Located in the west side of the Chishan District downtown, the Gushan Park was built in 1904 facing the Ciwei Mountain across a river. Since the mountain is shaped like a drum with a flat peak like the drumhead, hence the mountain is named "Gushan" (literally mountain of drum). The Gushan Park is built on the hillside with abundance of various kinds of trees and flowers planted, such as camphor, teak, bamboo, terminalia, delonix, acacia, mahogany, and so on. By following the ladder up, in the park you can see a series of public art works displayed within the trees. After you climbed on the top of the summit, you may have a great panoramic view by overlooking the Cishan Street, Ciwei Mountain, and Ciwei River. The Gushan Park is definitely a good place of leisure and recreation for local residents.