Cingshueiyan Scenic Area (Linyuan District)

Cingshueiyan Scenic Area is located on the southern foothills of the southern section Mt. Phoenix. The name Cingshueiyan comes from the clear waters that flow out from rock crevices. One of the famous local spots, it was among the eight scenic attractions of Kaohsiung during the Japanese Colonial Period. Mountain climbers start out on their trek from an entrance behind the Cingshuei Temple. On clear sunny days, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Linyuan District and the Linyuan Industrial Zone from Cingshueiyan. The Scenic Area is a geologic wonder with abundant coral limestone and fossil traces such as trilobites and scallops. You also find them in caves that have been formed due to the area’s rocky terrain. Longpan Cave is a famous site that was originally built during the Japanese colonial period. It’s about six kilometers long and takes half an hour to walk through its twists and turns. You will definitely need a flashlight. Other attractions include the Lingquan Pool and the area’s red cedars.