Dagang Mountain and Siaogang Mountain, Gangshan (Gangshan District)

Dagang Mountain has an altitude of 312 meters, and Siaogang Mountain one of 252 meters; both are formed by the elevation of ancient coral reefs. There are many temples, nunneries and caverns in Dagang Mountain, which is reputed as the “Buddhist Mountain of Taiwan”. The whole mountain is covered with fruit trees planted by farmers, especially longan trees, and longan honey has become a famous product of Dagang Mountain. Siaogang Mountain stands by the side of Agongdian Reservoir, overseeing the reservoir and the beautiful scenes of the nearby cities and towns. On the crest line of Siaogang Mountain is a protruding reef which looks like an official’s hat in ancient times, and thus is called the “Shamao Reef” (Official Hat Reef) by the local people. It is also called the “Emperor’s Throne” because it’s shaped like a large sofa or shrine. There is a hiking trail now for people to enjoy the mountain.