Chengcing Lake (Niaosong District)

Originally used to supply water to the Caogong irrigation canal, Chengcing Lake was expanded in the 1950s to supply water for industrial use. Over the years, the lake and the area around it were improved and landscaped. In the 1960s Chengcing Lake opened for tourism, and it has since grown famous for its beautiful scenery. Located on the outskirts of Kaohsiung, Chengcing Lake is a vital part of the Kaohsiung metropolis. The lake and its surrounding park comprise 375 hectares, including 103 occupied by the lake itself. The lake’s seven-kilometer ring road features many scenic spots of natural and cultural significance. With the various wetland parks, a baseball park, and the Labor Recreation Center nearby, the Chengcing lake area serves as Kaohsiung’s backyard.