Cihou Lighthouse, Cijin Island (Cijin District)

After the signing of the Beijing Treaty in 1860, the Dagou Harbor was officially opened to foreign traders in 1863. With an increase in commercial shipping and lacking an appropriate guidance system, the construction of harbor facilities became a priority. It was not until 1883 that British engineers built a Chinese-style rectangular red-brick lighthouse atop Cihoushan, at the south side of Dagou Harbor. During Japanese Occupation, in line with the expansion of Dagou Harbor into the Port of Kaohsiung, the lighthouse was rebuilt in 1916 as part of a port expansion project. Its appearance today dates back to its renovation, which was completed in 1918. The lighthouse base was rebuilt in Baroque style, imitating the late Renaissance period, with an octagonal brick tower constructed behind it. In 1985, The Cihou Lighthouse was rated a Class 3 Building of Historical Interest by the Ministry of the Interior and was opened to the public. The lighthouse tower provides an excellent view of the entire Port of Kaohsiung.