Neiweipi Cultural Park (Gushan District)

The name “Neiwei” (inner enclosure) comes from earth or bamboo stockades known as “wei” (enclosure). Built during the Qing Dynasty and used for protection against bandits, “Newei” was named when the county government stationed a garrison there. In 1920, although the Japanese changed the written form of “Neiwei”, the pronunciation remained the same. Neiweipi used to be the largest wetland in Kaohsiung City. It played an important role in water storage and irrigation and possessed its own unique wetland ecology. The Neiweipi Cultural Park is situated on 41 hectares in northern Kaohsiung. It includes Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Sculpture Park, an artificial lake, an outdoor music venue, the Firefly Conservation Area, and the Marsh Wetlands area. It is the wetland park in Kaohsiung with the most artistic atmosphere.