Dream Mall / Hankyu Department Store (Cianjhen District)

Dream Mall is the first large-scale,d world-class shopping center of Kaohsiung. It’s located in Kaohsiung Multifunctional Commerce and Trade Park, with Jhonghua Road to its east and Chenggong Road to its west. With a whale shaped outlook and comfortable shopping space, the mall is designed based on the integrated concepts of nature, ocean, and creative lifestyle. There are a number of specialty shops in the mall, including the Hankyu Department Store and Pet Plus from Japan, England’s Marks & Spencer, Kaohsiung Eye, and Cinemark Movie Theater. It is a the perfect place to have fun and enjoy food, shopping, art, fashion, and architectural aesthetics. Consumers can get their shopping list done all all at oncein one place in the mall. It is the best destination for a day trip, making it a popular tourist attraction and a place where people meet and connect. The Dream mMall is the mall that brings happiness and dreams to people.