Ciming Temple / Spring and Autumn Pagodas (Zuoying District)

Located on the southeast side of the Lotus Pond, Ciming Temple, also known as the God of War Temple, was built in 1898 (the 25th Year of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty). It is an impressive palace-style architecture with rich oriental flavors, worshiping Guan Yu (the late Eastern Han Dynasty), the God of War. The temple is always full of people during the yearly ceremonial rituals held to celebrate the birthday of Guan Yu. The two Chinese palace-style pagodas standing in the pond in front of the temple are the Spring and Autumn Pagodas. The pagodas were built in 1951 (the 40th Year of the Republic of China) to commemorate the God of War, Guan Yu. The glorious painted pillars and carved beams add to the beauty of the pond reflections of the pagodas under the sunshine. With the Lotus Pond in the front, the pagodas provide fabulous scenery of the mountain and the sea, and the pond water is clear enough to count the swimming fishes inside. Visitors always enjoy the quiet moments here. There is also a statue of Guan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) riding on a dragon, placed in the half-moon- shaped pond (animal-releasing pond) in the front of the temple. The two pagodas in the pond were are interlinked by bridges, and therefore collectively named the “Spring and Autumn Pagodas”. The statue of the holy Guan Yin and the spectacular view of the thousands of holy turtles in the pond are symbols of an auspicious sign. In summer times, Wuli Pavilion, on the bridge, is an excellent place to admire the beautifuly of lotus blossoms. The mouth of the dragon statue on the bridge is the entrance to the cave where visitors can see the colorful wall paintings, make donations and worship the statue of the deities inside.