Nanhua Shopping Area (Sinsing District)

This area is also called “Sinsing Market.” Daily necessities, clothing, and accessories are available from day to night and shoppers can shop here in a free spree. The area along Nanhua Road was formerly called Dagangbu and due to its central location in Kaohsiung, it was rapidly developed after the end of Japanese Occupation and renamed as Sinsing District. Around the circle, vendors gathered to sell fresh produce and itwhich has been developed as Sinsing Market. Snack food stands and clothing vendors gradually came to do business along Nanhua Road and formed the Nanhua Night Market. Due to the cheap prices and fairly good quality, especially for women’s accessories, Nanhua Night Market was nicknamed as “Women’s Street.”. Due to its proximity of to Liouhe Night Market, people often say, “Dineing at Liouhe and Shopping at Nanhua!” In recent years, the Commercial Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Kaohsiung City Government have worked together to promote the street building program to build Nanhua Shopping Area as an attractive shopping district in Kaohsiung along the merging of two MRT lines.