Siaogang Recreational Farm (Airport Cafe) (Siaogang District )

In the northern side of Kaohsiung International Airport and areas near with to Guelin Village, construction restrictions imposed on the air traffic control area has allowed for the preservation of a large lot of green farms. They offer a good walking spot for nearby residents in the mornings and evenings. But due to its ideal location for observing the departure and arrival of aircrafts, more people and vendors gather here causing which has led to troubles to for air traffic control authority and residents. In response to the public need of recreational space, Kaohsiung City Government has started negotiating with several farmers to help them become involved in the management of leisure farms and the building of a safe recreational environment without damaging air traffic safety. Due to frequent landing of aircrafts at Kaohsiung International Airport, a special viewing experience is offered here as an alternative recreation. Both on weekdays and weekends, local residents in Kaohsiung and visitors are attracted by this new tourist spot.