Sanfong Jhong Street (Grocery Street) (Sanmin District)

Sanfong Jhong Street is one of the oldest markets in Kaohsiung City. Located beside Jianguo 3rd Road, it is of 400 meters long and consists of wholesalers and retailers of a variety of groceries, which can be compared to Dihua Street in Taipei. Recently, this area has been renovated with new roofs, granite pavement, and the shops were also redecorated. That is, the street and shops now have a new modern look now, which has becomes a turning point for the traditional business, and it would be a brand-new and different experience to shop here. Moreover, Sanfong Jhong Street is the New Year Shopping Area before every Chinese New Year. Kaohsiung City Government also provides shuttle buses for the convenience of those who would like to come to Sanfong Jhong Street to make do their New Year sShopping.